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timeline punt1938

historie 1938

At the age of 20, Henk van Bentum started his own transport company called "Risico" and he purchased a used 29-er Ford. He transported milk, among other things. After the war, the company flourished.

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timeline punt1965

historie 1965

At the age of 18, his son Hendrik Jan started as a driver for his father.

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timeline punt1969

historie 1969

History repeats itself, Hendrik Jan van Bentum and his wife, Janny, started a private transport company, located at Stationsweg 65 in Woudenberg with an adjoining house. HJ as a driver on the lorry and Janny took care of the administration.

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timeline punt1975

historie 1975

Since its establishment, the company mainly engaged in the transportation of dry bulk materials in trailers, and transported containers from Rotterdam to the German hinterland.

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timeline punt1978

historie 1978

The fleet now consists of about 15 vehicles. Under the name BETS, we started ferry transportation to England in collaboration with an English partner.


historie 1978 02

Henk van Bentum Jr. was taught the 'truckers profession' at a very early age, both from his mother and from his father.

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timeline punt1982

historie 1982

H.J. van Bentum Trailer Service was founded and independently continued with unaccompanied ferry transportation to England.

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timeline punt1984

historie 1984

In the 80s, many of our trailers were signwritten to promote shipping companies we used.

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timeline punt1990

historie 1990

Relocation to the industrial estate. Van Bentum quickly grew too big for the centre of Woudenberg and built a new premises on the industrial estate in Woudenberg. This new building included offices, storage, a workshop and a cleaning station.

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timeline punt1991

historie 1991

ISO certification: in 1991, Van Bentum was certified according to ISO 9002 quality standards, as one of the first in the industry.

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timeline punt1992

historie 1992

Van Bentum works with the client and developed a new trailer in house, which could transport 30 pallets instead of 24.

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timeline punt1994

historie 1994 01

In collaboration with D-tec the ultra-light flat trailer was developed, which can transport 19 pallets instead of the usual 17, because the trailer weighs 3 tons lighter.


  historie 1994 02

In November, the 25th anniversary was celebrated with clients, suppliers and employees.

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timeline punt1995

historie 1995

Expansion of 8000 m2 storage and transfer space on the adjacent plot, with 1100 m2 of office space.

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timeline punt1996

historie 1996

Every weekend, the vehicles and trailers were washed and maintained and then neatly arranged in a row.

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timeline punt1998

historie 1998

Developed the revolutionary chassis-less bulk semi-trailer, which means a saving in weight of 1200 kg.

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timeline punt2001

historie 2001

The majority of our trucks are equipped with a mid-lift axle (third axle): better axle load distribution with part load and provides approximately 3.5 tonnes more payload when transporting to England.

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timeline punt2005

historie 2005

Son Henk van Bentum and his wife, Cindy, took over the family business from his parents.

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timeline punt2006

historie 2006

The number of bulk trailers were expanded considerably, since they were now also shipped unaccompanied to England, which resulted in fewer kilometres on the road and less of an impact on the environment.

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timeline punt


historie 2009

In November, we celebrated the 40th anniversary with our staff and regular sub contractors.

historie 2009
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timeline punt2010

historie 2010

Three generations of Van Bentum: Grandfather Hendrik Jan, father Henk and Robert Jan. His mother, Cindy, has since also been well established in transport.

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timeline punt2014

historie 2014

100th LAG tilting bulk trailer was delivered in Bree. These trailers are built with the necessary reinforcements, specifically for unaccompanied ferry transport.

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